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    We are the biggest in small scale dredging Eco Dredging Ltd is member of the Vis Group.
    The Group combines all experience in the field of small scale dredging, hydraulic and mechanical in Europe and far beyond.
    Eco Dredging Ltd has contributed to the environment by dredging contaminated water bottoms, marina’s and fishing ports, rivers and canals, waterways in urban and rural areas, ponds, lakes, etc.

    Our clients are National Waterway Boards, Polder districts, Drinking water suppliers, Municipalities, Commercial and Private Organisations, Harbours,
    Ports and Marina’s, etc.
    Eco Dredging Ltd has an adequate and flexible approach and can easily adapt to the demands and wishes of our clients and completes any project in an ecological and environmental friendly manner.

    In the field of small scale dredging Eco Dredging Ltd has at her disposal the most versatile and biggest range of dredges and ancillary equipment. There is an enormous stock of delivery pipes in various diameters and material.
    This allows Eco Dredging Ltd to execute all small scale dredge projects with
    her own equipment and under own management.
    The equipment is developed in the many years and within the companies that form the Vis Group. Inventive innovations make it possible to practically attack all dredge projects. Up till today our technical people are working on better and more capable machines. The suction dredges can work in water depths from 0, 40 metres down till 40, 00 metres.
    All equipment is maintained and repaired in our own workshop. We apply our innovations, design and construct new and even better equipment.
    In the rare event that our equipment is not entirely adequate to the job  Eco Dredging Ltd will modify the equipment to fit the job.
    All this is realised in our workshop and under our own management.