Eco Dredging Ltd consultancy
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    Consultancy & Support, Turnkey Projects

    Know-how and most of all practical experience play an important role in order to find the right balance between the resources used for the preparation and the execution of the project. A good inventory of the quality of the sediments and the site is KEY to achieve a good method to dredge, transport and process these sediments.

    The Vis Group and Eco Dredging Ltd have more than 40 years experience in Europe.

    Eco Dredging Ltd therefore offers a complete package to minimise the chance for problems. The approach is not limited to the research of the environmental aspects of the project and the measuring and calculation of the volume of the sediment to be dredged. Eco Dredging Ltd advises the most effective and efficient way of executing the dredging project and the organisation that fits best. If necessary assistance can be given in the set up or adaptation of such an organisation to avoid unnecessary costs.

    The working experience of the team in the preparation as well as design, consultancy, project realisation (as a contractor) and project evaluation has given
    Eco Dredging Ltd a broad and practical view on the execution of projects. Eco Dredging Ltd can assist at every stage of the dredge project and advise with great expertise in the technical and commercial aspects of dredging.

    Major aspects for above experiences are the choice for the best dredge
    procedure, the most  effective deposit plan and a good method for processing contaminated sediments as well as the application for the various licences, preparation of tender documents, supervision of the execution, compliance with financial targets of the project and the communication with all parties involved.

    In short, Eco Dredging Ltd guides clients as a pilot in a turn-key project through the maze of preparation and execution of small-scale dredge projects.